Connecting With Your Patients - Simplified

Connecting with your patients on Medici has never been easier. Our one-click video feature connects you to your patients without requiring them to download or register with the Medici app.

Simply visit your Waiting Room on the Medici web app to get your personalized link and manage your virtual waiting room.

Let's see how it works.

waiting room diagram (1)

Your Virtual Waiting Room


Step 1.

Log into your web app (link here), and select the "Waiting Room" link in the upper left.


Step 2:

Your unique Medici meeting link will appear, along with your virtual waiting room.

Send this link to your patients along with their appointment time, and you will be able to consult with your patients on Medici without them having to install the Medici app or register.

Step 3:

Your personal meeting link will allow only one patient to access you at a time, creating a virtual waiting room for your other patients.


Step 4:

When you are ready to see your patient, simply admit them from your virtual waiting room and begin the consultation.

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